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One..Two??Three!!!Le Triumph
The anatomy of a good golf shot and the reaction
The "Belfry" Birmingham, UK (Tuesday, 4/25/95). Approach shot hole n.8, 455 yds par 4 stroke index 3, score 3: birdie!





Prof. as a graduate student at Brandeis University.  Reading a journal in Gestenzang Science Library (or at least pretending to read a journal).  There was a big reason why he spent a lot of time in the science Library instead of his laboratory which was just around the corner.  He still has that coon skin hat (Daniel Boone!) and the Tee Shirt honoring Samoset; the first Native American to greet the plundering pilgrims.  Please visit:  The golf is GREAT, and so is the ambience.  Don’t wait; GO!!!  ALLEZ!!!!!!!



At the steeplechase water jump.  The idea was to go over all 7 water jumps without getting your shoe wet.  No-one else I know has ever done that (it is 28 feet long!!!).  Prof. did this feat at the NUGA games at the National Stadium in Ibadan in a pedestrian time of 8 minutes 54 seconds.  But; hey, his Adidas track shoe never got wet!!!

Intermediate hurdles are fun.. it is what you do to strengthen yourself for the steeplechase: the race for real MEN (see above!!)

There is no glory in jumping over 10 3-feet high hurdles in 50 seconds.  Try 28 solid wood barriers and 7 water jumps…. Now you are talking…..

Here is what a score card of a hacker looks like.  Happy to keep my day job.  There is no way this hacker can ever join the tour and make a living!  Maybe at a putt-putt course?



Some really awesome-looking patterns formed by an exothermic autocatalytic chemical reaction.  The whole aqueous reaction solution is covered with cyclohexane; thereby reducing the interfacial surface tension.  The wave of barium sulfate is moving from left to right.  The patterns were called Labyrinth-type patterns; as opposed to longitudinal patterns observed in solutions open to the atmosphere.  Check out some of the relevant publications from our laboratories in Physics Letters, Chemical Physics Letters and Physical Review E.

Fresh new Dr. Simoyi and collegues raising glasses for a new career chemist. Don't you think we should complain to Brandeis University for giving this man a Ph.D?

The man himself.


Prof. Simoyi giving a seminar in Dubai. Look at his shoes! Who cares - that man plays golf in jeans...
Father Lenin, Prof. Simoyi, and the Z from the Belousov--Zhabotinskii reaction.

Playing cricket

Somewhere in Australia...playing cricket. This man never rests.


WVU vs. Boston College

WVU Football game vs. Boston College. October 5, 1996


Kenfest '96

Kenfest '96


Photophysics Lab

Applied Photophysics Laboratory Stopped-Flow


Our group

Clockwise: Bice(front), Rotimi, Claude, Kevin, and Grandfather.


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Prof. Reuben checks the grill. (5.3Mb SGI movie format).

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