Vije’ through the years… Remarkable, ain’t it; that one is given children but no instructions manual? 

The three siblings when they were all under the age of five!  This picture was taken in Mount Plesant at 10 Bowood Road in 1987, December.  Vije was 4, Tsekwi was 1 and Effie was 3 months old.


 Vije and her siblings at Tsekwi’s graduation from kindergarten.  Effie is clowning.  Tsekwi had just sung ‘When I grow up, I like to be, a motorcycle rider, just wait and see!’.  Well, we are all still waiting!!! This picture was taken in Morgantown, WV, in July, 1993.  Vije was nine.


Effie and Vije as basketball stars.  These pictures were taken in October, 1997.  Vije played for Chritian Alliance and Effie played for the Woodburn Wolfpack in their best year ever in which they beat both St. Francis and Cheat Lake (Daddy was the coach that year).


Winter of ’93.  Effie is braving the snow outside the balcony of our then house on Bryan Drive in Morgantown, W.Va.


The day after Vije graduated, I played golf with Tsekwi at the Mountaneer Golf course.  He wore my jacket throughout because he was too lightly dressed (as usual) and he actually played well!!

(Uncle) John played very well.  He was very sneaky long off the tee, longer than I have ever seen him hit the balls.  I have a sneaking suspicion that he has been practicing while I have been suffering from this never-ending winter in the Northwest (this is June 6, and highest temperature will be about 57 deg. F!).