The following show the happy graduates and their supporters after the big ceremony.

Vije and Shupi try out their new threads!  It’s not easy to have the permission to wear one of these bad rags.




The two proud mothers join in the fun.  Everyone is smiling and is happy.  Maybe we should hold graduations every weekend since they seem so enjoyable.  Shupi’s mom came all the way from Zimbabwe to witness this special event

Vije poses with a proud father.

Here she poses with both proud father and proud mother.  The little fly switch is obscuring her face, but this is the only picture we have with both of her parents, and so we are stuck with this.



Here Vije picks up her diploma.  It’s all over but for the shouting.  As Bob Dylan said: ‘Oh, Mama, can this really be the end?  To get caught inside of Mobile, with the Memphis Blues again?’


Above, Vije confers with her professors after the award of her diploma.  She is off to Milan for an internship and after that, the sky is the limit.

And now I sent off my oldest daughter into world.  Go get ‘em!!!  Simoyi’s always succeed, we never fail we never fail, we never fail, we never fail, ever, ever, never fail, never, … don’t start now, Vije!  Love… Daddiooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Post Script.