Unforgettable Views of Some Golf Course Holes From Around the World: from Afghanistan to Zimbabwe

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This, my friends, is a real water hazard (Chapman Golf Club, Harare)


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Royal St. George's Sandwich. UK - Can you say "cow pasture?"


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Another view of royal St. George's from the club house. Towards hole #8


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The toughest starting point in all of golf: hole #1 Wingate Park Golf.

Club, Teviotdale, Harare. 423 meters, par 4, stroke 5. Notice the two trees right in the middle of the fairway? Don't mess with them...or it's a 6!


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Canterbury Golf Club: hole #18 from clubhouse. 11/7/96


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During the drought of '92 in Zimbabwe. Hole #2 stroke 1, Mount Pleasant Sports Club. And it was in summer


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Leopard Rock Golf Course, Mutare, Zimbabwe.

Innocent-looking 299 meters par 4 hole #14. Slice your shot, and your ball lands in mozambique (out of bounds, of course). Hook it and you end up in the lake off #18


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The Belfry, Sutton - Coldfields, UK. Par 5 571-yard hole #4



Last Edited June 08, 2006