Great White Hunter of Safari

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Professor Simoyi delivering his plenary lecture on symmmetry-breaking bifurcations and morphogenesis

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Some of the 6 posters from the Center for Nonlinear Dynamics displyed at the conference

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Our arrival at our first tented camp, the Honey Guide, after a grueling 10-hour drive in a Kombi from the Johannesburg International Airport in Gauteng

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At the gate to the Kruger National Park (there are several gates, this is just one of them)

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Entrance gate to the Honey Guiode Tented Camp. There were wild animals everywhere (L'animal sauvage!)

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My tent. This will not stop a determined elephant (nor hyena!). The honey Guide camp is not fenced, and so wild animals walk right through the camp at any time. A pride of lions walked through the camp when we were there (they  must not have been loking for food!)

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Inside the tent. The Honey Guide combines luxury and rustic fascilities. The bathrooms had 6-foot high walls. So, for us tall people, we bathed with half of ourselves in the public domain!

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My bed in the tent, replete with mosquito nets, just in case. The electric generator was on up to 10 p.m. and after that you used the hurricane lamp like the one in my tent. Honey Guide has no phones, no TV's and no fax machines...if you really must get away from it all...This is the place.

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The Sabi river at dusk. Lurking in those pools are hungry crocodiles.

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Young Jumbo peers at us from the bushes at Bongani Game Reserve.

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An upset jumbo comes charging at us!!!

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A tea break in the morning after searching for miles in a cold draughty jeep looking for animals. Our prize sighting that day were two young cheetahs.

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Here we are with the rest of the Great White Hunters in front of the Kruger gate.

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oing into the Kruger through (what else?) the Kruger gate.

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Pausing with the rest of the Great White Hunters in front of the Kruger Gate.

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Pausing in front of a statue of Paul Kruger himself (groot krocodil?)


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The professor is still quite impressed with Paul Kruger's statue.


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The professor relaxes outside his chalet in Bongani Game Reserve (Bongani means Thank You).  Thank you for following the exploits of the great white hunter.



Last Edited June 08, 2006