Risikat Ajibola Adigun
Present Work and Research

     Metastasis describes the ability of cancer cells to spread to secondary sites. Metastasis, rather than primary tumor, is the major cause of cancer death in patients with solid tumors. The 5-year-survival rate which is higher than 90% for patients in early stages but reduced to less than 10% in patients with distant metastases is an indication that current therapeutic options have limited activities towards metastasis. Imidazolium trans-[tetrachloro (dimethyl sulfoxide)(imidazole)ruthenate(III)] is an experimental prodrug that shows low host toxicity with marked efficacy against metastases. Specific mechanism of activation and action of this prodrug is still largely unknown. To this end, my research focuses on series of studies to gain insight into the reactivity of this novel complex with biologically-active thiols.
      Other research works I am involved in include: design and development of simple and rapid animal-free assays for screening chemicals for potential to cause skin sensitization; S-oxygenation of thiocarbamides; oxidation of selected organosulfur compounds in the presence of physiologically-relevant oxidants as well as synthesis, characterization and biological activities of novel transition metal complexes.


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