Moshood Morakinyo
Present Work and Research

My present research work focuses on the kinetics and mechanisms of formation of S-nitroso compounds from some selected goitrogenics and sulfur ring-heteroatom compounds especially thiocarbamides. Nitric oxide, NO, is the typical example of a simple gaseous molecule with fascinating biological functions. Convergence of multidisciplinary efforts in the fields of immunology, cardiovascular pharmacology, chemistry, toxicology and neurobiology have led to the concept that NO is an unorthodox messenger. It is an essential physiological signaling molecule in cell-cell communication. It acts as a messenger molecule effecting muscle relaxation, as a cytotoxic agent in the non-specific immune system, as a carcinogen, as a neurotransmitter in the brain and peripheral nervous system, and is involved in the regulation of gene expression and modification of sexual and aggressive behavior.

S-nitrosothiols, with the general structure RSNO (where R is mainly an organic group) are an emerging class of both endogenous and exogenous NO donors. Degradation of these RSNOs enzymatically or non-enzymatically is believed to release the NO to the target tissue where it is needed for a specific physiological role. These amazing physiological roles of NO coupled with the lack of adequate information on the kinetics and mechanisms of S-nitrosothiol formation and decomposition, motivated me to embark on research into the detailed kinetics and mechanistic steps for the formation and decomposition of some goitrogenics and thioamides.  These will be determined in-vitro with the aim of linking these reactions with what actually transpires in the mammalian body.