Housewarming and Receptions for Prof. Ojo and Dr. M.T Simoyi

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So many things came together on August 2, 2003. I was a day for celebrating indeed. It was one of those typical hot, dry, Portland summer days. (a) our new house needed baptism. We moved in on June 14, and this was about time we have a house-warming ‘do; (b) Big brother, Dr. M. T. Simoyi was visiting from Harare; and (c) Professor Ojo had just arrived from Nigeria to join the research group.

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The two people for whom the reception was being held. In the foreground is Dr. Simoyi, and in the background is Prof. Ojo

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Rotimi seemed to have found himself a full time job as the fly-chaser: shooing flies off from the cheese and munchies.

Four.. (8288 bytes)
In-between chasing flies, he indulges himself in some of the fine wine available for the occasion. There were 24 bottles (12 white and 12 red) of wine from the same Australian winery: Rothesbury. It was not such a bad label, and in Albertson’s they went for $8.49 per bottle. This wine was reasonably-prized and not offensive to anyone. Some of the guests actually found the Rothesbury Shiraz’s to be quite palatable.

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This picture is quite busy!!!! First, and foremost, it would be very interesting to find out what prof was really saying!? Maybe words of wisdom? Big brother seems to be chilling. In the foreground, Gwinyai seems to be asking for some wine from his daddy.

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Jesus said ‘Let all children come before me because the kingdom of heaven is theirs’. Big brother seems to be interpreting this literally as the children, Adeola and Gwinyai rally around him.

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The beautiful mother of one of the children rallying round big brother. Mrs. O. Junior is in the background, chilling…..

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More frolicking and shenanigans between big brother and the lively children.

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Liz is striking a relaxing pose. Partially in the picture is Cheryl, the boss’ wife.

Thirteen.. (10731 bytes)
The boss himself in the center of this picture. It was so nice of him to have managed to make it to a peon’s party.

Fifteen.. (8696 bytes)
The host calls everyone to attention: the food is ready!!!!!! Onje dada!!! Multum cibi mihi da!!! Stondido!!! Chakafu chembembezi!!!!!!!!!!!. A spoon rattled against a wine glass makes a noise that carries further than the host’s voice!!!!!

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Itai, like a ZTV reporter, is silently filming away this MDC rally in the background!

Seventeen.. (9776 bytes)
Who says 5.5 million Zimbabweans face starvation this year? There is quite a variety of foods here, and the hostess is pointing and explaining the different dishes: plantains, gari, collard greens, corn, sadza, and some barbecued chicken. This should be the 7 years of plenty, which, naturally, should be followed by 7 lean years, but not at 15974 SW Westminster Drive. It is a house full of surpluses and plenty of food, wine, women and song (and merriment).

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Monica helps herself to some gari while her husband, Kofi seems to be zeroing in on the chicken. The Xhosa’s have a saying that goes: ‘The meat will never run out. What is most likely to give in first is the tooth of the diner before the meat runs out!!!’ We may not be in the Eastern Cape, but that saying is just as appropriate here, 12, 000 miles away!!!!!!!!!!

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After filling his plate, Dirk is off somewhere quiet to graze!!!

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Dirk sits at the position of lowest Gibbs free energy, Cheryl has a beautifully-colored Africa-looking dress, while Dean drinks cheap beer (Coors, it appears like.. the good stuff was at the bottom of the vat, and Dean did not dig in deep enough to reach the Heineken and Becks!!!).

Twentythree.. (9067 bytes)
Steve came at very short notice, and he livened up the gathering. He was the first to leve, unfortunately (party pooper!!!)

Twentytfour.. (7832 bytes)
The hostess of the party decides ‘to hell with the rest of the revelers, I am going to stuff my own face!’ And what kind of day are you having today?

Twentytfour.. (10026 bytes)
This is the new deck that had just been installed 2 days earlier. These small citizens were the first to enjoy it. (Money speaks a various language)!!!!

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Having wiped his plate clean, one of the revelers goes back for seconds……

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This picture says it all: the children are our greatest asset. Let them come before me because theirs is the kingdom of heaven. Amen!!!