Just south of Harare, Zimbabwe, past the Manyame River and on the way to Masvingo and Beitbridge; is a gem in the forest: the Harare South Golf Club.  It is profiled as one of the top ten golf courses in the whole world (see elsewhere on this home page).  It is remarkable that there are not too many people who are aware of the jewel.  Quite a splendid place to spend the whole day.  There is a quaint old club house, a good cricket pitch, and some of the finest golf in Southern Africa.  The cuisine at the 19th hole is superb and second to none.  This is the place to be when you Ďhave made ití and can play golf (or bowls) not only on Saturday but also on Tuesday or Thursday!  Come with me, share with me a day at Harare South Golf Club.

It was a beautiful sunny summer morning that Philip (Pip) and I drove down to Harare South.  The dew was still on the grass and on the greens at 7 AM when we teed off.  The caddies are normally quite knowledgeable, although all of them look very indigent (some have no shoes, and some are malnourished), but they can jam.  Do not make a bet with them or they will take your money, thatís for sure.  Normally, we start off on the back nine.  The course is always empty and so we get to choose our own tee boxes.  It so happens that hole number 10 is right next to the caddie masterís shack.  So, why walk all the way round the clubhouse to the first tee?  Just cast down your bucket where you are!!!!  Number 10 is a fairly long par 5 which is very difficult to reach in two, and after two long shots, you still have chip onto the green on your third shot, which is what I am doing right here (see below).

You can still see the dew on the grass.  The form is perfect: keep eyes on the ball, head steady, and follow through.  My golf coach will be proud!!  This course is ringed with indigenous Msasa trees.  No pine nor Douglas firs have been planted on this course.  Even the well-known thorns that hound caddies abound in plenty here (zvibaya mahure!).

Philip drove his ball right through the green, and had to chip back.  I was safely on the dance floor!  Below is my putt for birdie on this par 5 hole.  I just wanted to get it close.  I knew it would be difficult to read the greens with all the dew on the surface.  The groundskeepers had not yet made their rounds cleaning up the greens.

I missed that birdie but a par for a hacker like me is not bad at all.  The handicap on these holes is the constant traffic on the Masvingo Road behind us.  Very difficult to concentrate on a putt with an eighteen-wheeler thundering past, and another one and another one, and occasionally a jet going to land at the airport (golf course is right under the flight path!!!).

One of the most interesting holes on this course is this little par 3 119-meter hole Number 12 (see below).

It is guarded to the right by water and to the left by some real mean rough.



Last Edited June 09, 2006